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Why You Should Not Rely on Online Divorce Services

We carry out much of our business online, especially now that we are in the middle of a global pandemic. However, even before COVID-19 brought the world to its knees, many of us managed a large portion of our lives through the internet. However, as tempting as it may be to consider dissolving your marriage through the use of an online divorce service, this is still one area where it is most wise to hire an experienced legal professional.

The Dangers of an Online Divorce

Every couple’s experience with divorce is different and requires personalized attention and care. Unfortunately, an online divorce does not provide that, and such services are generally geared toward simple, uncontested divorces that do not involve substantial assets or property. Moreover, even if your divorce is relatively simple, an attorney can provide the advice you need and ensure you do not unknowingly make any decisions you may regret.

Here are some other dangers associated with using online divorce services:

  • Not all online divorce sites are trustworthy: Given the sensitive information you will provide when pursuing a divorce, you cannot take chances on a website that may be a scam. Even if the website is not a scam, your information may not be entirely secure if they lack the proper firewalls.
  • Your paperwork will not be reviewed by an attorney: Part of the reason why online divorce services are so inexpensive is because most do not have attorneys on staff and even fewer have paralegals available to answer your questions. Not having an experienced legal professional review your paperwork is a big risk that can cost you.
  • It will not work if you have a contested divorce: As stated above, if you have a contested divorce, suspect your spouse is hiding assets, or otherwise have a complex situation on your hands, an online divorce will not work for you.

Hiring a divorce attorney does not mean you will have to endure a contentious battle. With the right legal guidance on your side, you can navigate this process smoothly while protecting your interests.

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