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Can I Start Dating Before My Divorce is Final?

Now that you have decided to end your marriage, you may be looking toward the future and considering the prospect of finding a new partner. After all, divorce can be a lonely process and you may miss having a significant other in your life. However, dating before your divorce is finalized is a mistake that can create some problems and impact your ability to achieve a favorable settlement.

Why You Should Hold Off on Dating

No matter who initiated the divorce, seeing your spouse date or with a new partner so soon will hurt. If you hope to have a more amicable split, your active dating life may create some unnecessary hostility and complications, ruining your chances of a smooth divorce. Your spouse might even question your fidelity during the marriage, especially if you start dating someone who was in your life during the marriage. A lot is on the line, so sowing doubt and resentment during this delicate legal process is a bad move.

Not only will dating at this time create some challenges during the divorce process, but it may also affect your relationship with your children. Your children will likely have a tough time coping with the divorce and they will need your care and attention to effectively cope with it. If you are spending time with a new partner or dating, you might not be as available as your children need you to be, creating a rift in your relationship with them.

Lastly, if you start dating before your divorce is finalized, chances are you have not taken enough time to focus on yourself and your need to heal and self-reflect. As lonely as you may feel, spending some time on your own right now can help set a healthy foundation for a future relationship.

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