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What is Parental Alienation?

It is no secret that divorce can be a messy process and create tension in a family. However, in some cases, it might result in one parent attempting to turn the children against their other parent, which is known as parental alienation. Parental alienation is incredibly harmful to the children involved as well as the alienated parent and family courts are beginning to take this issue more seriously in recent years. If you believe your former spouse is attempting to alienate you from the children, document it as thoroughly as possible, so you have enough evidence to take the matter to court.

Understanding Parental Alienation

Parental alienation can range in severity. However, it generally involves one parent attempting to discredit the other parent to the children to alter their perception of that parent. Regardless of the veracity of the alienating parent’s statements, the children’s relationship with their other parent suffers to the point where they may refuse visitation.

Below are some of the most common symptoms and signs of parental alienation:

  • Your children unfairly criticize you
  • Your children lack specific examples or evidence to justify their criticisms of you
  • Your children’s feelings toward you seem purely negative and without any redeeming qualities
  • Your children support their other parent without question
  • Your children claim that their criticisms of you are based totally on their own ideas
  • Your children lack remorse for their mistreatment of you
  • Your children use phrases or language that seem too adult for their vernacular
  • Your children’s newfound hate for you extends to other members on your side of the family, such as their grandparents, aunts, or uncles

Here are some signs your co-parent may be trying to alienate the children from you:

  • He or she provides unnecessary details about your failed marriage, such as an affair
  • He or she might keep your children from seeing or speaking to you by saying that you are too busy or not interested
  • He or she might insist on keeping the children’s personal items in their home even when they visit your home
  • He or she might try to keep some things secret, such as your children’s report cards, medical records, or even information about their friends
  • He or she might compare you to a new partner

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