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Do I Have to Attend Court to Get Divorced?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, divorcing spouses are asking if there is a way to dissolve their marriage without having to attend court. There are numerous options available to spouses that will allow them to settle their divorce without ever setting foot in court and, oftentimes, many of these options are much speedier and cost-effective. That said, if you cannot resolve the key issues in your divorce, you may have to do so before a judge.

Getting Divorced Outside of Court

Although it may seem impossible to cooperate with your spouse to settle the terms of your divorce, there are actually many methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) that can help you and your spouse stay on task and ultimately achieve a resolution.

One such method is mediation. If you and your spouse choose mediation to end your marriage, a mediator will assist and guide you through the process. Unlike an attorney, a mediator will not advocate on behalf of either party. Instead, you can expect your mediator to help facilitate peaceful negotiations between you and your spouse. If successful, this method typically costs less and takes substantially less time.

Another ADR method is divorce arbitration. If you and your spouse do not believe you can settle your dispute, you might opt for this path toward divorce. During this process, an arbitrator will adjudicate your case and issue a decision, similar to a judge during a trial. Despite the fact that arbitration provides many of the same advantages one experiences in litigation, however, this option will keep you out of court and allow you to make your own schedule. The one drawback of this option is that the decisions made during divorce arbitration are binding and final.

Discuss the Details of Your Family Law Case with an Experienced Attorney

If you wish to stay out of court during your divorce, there are many options available to you and the team at Cynthia Tracy, Attorney at Law, P.C. and guide you through them. Our family law team is experienced in other methods besides litigation and can help you smoothly navigate your case and secure the best possible results. Whether you opt for arbitration or mediation, you can feel confident in our ability to secure an amicable and speedy settlement that protects your interests.

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