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Common Divorce Mistakes You Should Avoid

Divorce is complicated and, even if you embarked on this journey under the most amicable circumstances, it is not uncommon for things to heat up. Many of the most common divorce mistakes are easily preventable and, if you can avoid them, you can ultimately save yourself time, money, and unnecessary stress and heartache.

Do Not Make These Mistakes!

Although it is certainly easier said than done, it is essential not to allow your emotions to drive any of your decisions throughout the divorce process.

Here are some other mistakes you should avoid:

  • Using your divorce to get revenge: In the short run, it might feel good to stick it to your ex through your divorce. Unfortunately, these decisions may not always be in your best interest and, if you have children, it may not be in their best interests either. Moreover, if you use your divorce to battle it out with your ex, chances are it may drag on for a lot longer than it has to, resulting in more legal fees.
  • Agreeing to a settlement without legal representation: While it is a big mistake to use your divorce as a means to achieve revenge, the opposite is also a big mistake. Do not simply agree to a settlement just because you are in a hurry to move forward. Have an attorney review anything before signing it to ensure you are not agreeing to anything that will negatively impact you.
  • Venting on social media about your divorce: Your social media usage can come back to haunt you in court, so avoid using your accounts to vent about your divorce. As a general rule, it is best to take a social media hiatus at this time, but if you still feel compelled to use it, avoid sharing anything personal.
  • Not being honest with your attorney: Even the most experienced divorce attorney cannot help you if you withhold crucial information. It can be hard to talk about such intimate details about your life, but keep in mind that your attorney is on your side and trying to help you achieve the best results. Do your part by being honest and sharing all the necessary information.

By avoiding these mistakes, you stand a better chance of securing the results you are seeking.

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