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Signs Your Marriage is Headed Toward Divorce

Although every divorce presents its own unique challenges and there is no singular reason behind why couples ultimately dissolve their marriage, there are some signs that commonly indicate that a split is imminent. Continue reading to learn about some of the most common signs that your marriage may be headed for a divorce.

Is Your Marriage in Trouble?

One of the biggest reasons why spouses get divorced is a breakdown in communication. If you and your spouse are experiencing difficulties communicating, this is a pretty big red flag. Without effective communication skills, it is near impossible to work through any of the other issues you may have in your marriage and, more importantly, it will keep the two of you from building closeness and intimacy.

Here are some other signs that your marriage is headed for a divorce:

  • You barely spend time together: You do not have to be glued to your spouse’s side to have a healthy marriage. In fact, alone time is necessary. That said, if you seem to be making less and less time for quality interactions with your spouse, this is certainly a sign of trouble.
  • You do not respect each other: Every couple has problems, but no matter what disagreements or arguments you may be wading through, mutual respect should still be at the foundation of a marriage. Without it, the marriage will not last.
  • There is an absence of physical intimacy: Physical intimacy is about more than just sex. There is often a heavy emotional component and its absence usually indicates that there are problems in other areas of your marriage. The desire for sex may ebb and flow, but if it is practically non-existent in your marriage, this is a problem.
  • You want different things: In some cases, as a marriage matures, spouses may grow apart rather than together. If you no longer seem to be on the same page about the future, this is a sign that divorce is on the horizon.

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