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Celebrating Halloween After a Divorce

It is almost officially time for the spooky season and Halloween will be upon us before we know it. Many children look forward to this day. They get to dress up in costume, trick-or-treat, and enjoy everything the fall has to offer. However, if you were recently divorced, celebrating Halloween may look a little different this year. Continue reading for some tips on how to embrace this holiday as a divorced parent.

Tips on How to Celebrate Halloween

If your parenting plan does not address how Halloween will be handled, you and your former spouse will have to clearly communicate how you wish to handle that night long before it approaches to avoid unnecessary frustration and conflict. If one parent is unavailable that night or simply not interested in this particular holiday, this should be relatively easy to handle. If both parents have an interest in celebrating Halloween with the kids, however, there are many creative ways to navigate this.

Here are some tips for how you can celebrate Halloween:

  • Not all divorced parents are at odds with each other, so if you are on good terms with your former spouse, you may want to consider celebrating Halloween with the children together. If trick-or-treating is part of your plans, two chaperones will certainly be better than one.
  • If you and your spouse are not friendly enough to share trick-or-treating with the kids, you can split this activity with one another, allowing your children to trick-or-treat in two neighborhoods.
  • When it comes to other holidays, parents often alternate between years. If you do not want to share this day with your former spouse at all, consider handling Halloween in a similar way. During the years when your ex-spouse has your kids on Halloween, you can still partake in other seasonal activities throughout the month, including pumpkin carving or visiting an amusement park.

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