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Why Divorce Mediation is Better for Your Children

Divorce litigation can be messy and difficult, especially when young children are involved. If you and your spouse are willing to work together to hash out an agreement in mediation, this option may not only be best for you, but for your children as well.

How Your Children Can Benefit from Divorce Mediation

Unlike divorce litigation, which is often a highly stressful situation, divorce mediation is generally less tense. Instead of battling out your issues in court before a judge, you will negotiate with the assistance of an unbiased mediator. The mediator will not advocate on behalf of you or your spouse, but rather help facilitate fruitful discussions that ultimately lead to a resolution.

Learning to cooperate and compromise with your spouse during mediation will also help you in the future as co-parents, giving you the tools you need to raise your children as a team.

Below is a list of some of the additional benefits of choosing mediation:

  • You will both be in control of the outcome. If you go through litigation, the outcome of your case will be left in the hands of a judge and neither of you may be pleased with the results.
  • Divorce mediation reduces conflict and stress, which your children will immensely benefit from. When custody battles unfold in court, it is often inherently adversarial and can be devastating for children.
  • The agreements you reach in mediation are likely to be successfully complied with because you both had a hand in crafting them.
  • Divorce mediation is cheaper than divorce litigation, which means the money you save on dissolving your marriage can be better spent elsewhere, such as on your children.

If you are not in an abusive marriage and you do not believe your spouse may be hiding assets, consider divorce mediation.

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