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Handling Your First Holidays After a Divorce

The holidays are supposed to be a joyous time for families to get together and share quality time. If this is your first holiday season after a divorce, however, you may be filled with a lot of uncertainty, hurt feelings, and stress. With the added frustration caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, this may be an exceptionally more difficult situation for you to navigate. Continue reading for some tips on how to handle it.

Getting Through the Holidays After a Divorce

Ultimately, your top priority when navigating the holiday season should be the feelings and wellbeing of your children. As challenging as this time may be for you, it will undoubtedly be even harder for them. Help them create happy memories and start new traditions they can cherish.

Here are some additional tips on how to handle your first holiday season after a divorce:

  • Although, as part of your divorce, you already have a parenting plan in place that addresses how time with the children will be divided, it is still best to be flexible whenever possible. If it is not possible to adjust your plans, take the time to explain to your ex why you cannot make adjustments. Doing so can help minimize conflict and create a better co-parenting relationship.
  • Encourage your children to talk about their expectations and feelings. You may not be able to make all of their wishes come true, but you might take some of it into consideration, which can make them feel heard.
  • Talk to your ex-spouse about the gifts you plan on buying for the children and set a budget. Setting budgets and limitations on gifts will help ensure neither parent attempts to one-up the other by purchasing something too extravagant and potentially inappropriate. Moreover, since both of you know what your children like and what they may want for Christmas, you can coordinate to avoid buying identical gifts.
  • A good way to help get your children through their first Christmas after the divorce is to start building new traditions together. It is okay to acknowledge that life as you know has changed and creating new traditions with your children will help them embrace that change, so they can feel more hopeful about the future.

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