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Going Through a Divorce: Do My Children Need Counseling?

If you are going through a divorce, you may be experiencing a lot of emotional difficulties as you go through the process of dissolving your marriage. You may have even considered counseling or therapy to help you cope with it. If you have young children, you might also want to consider family counseling for them. Divorce is a major life-altering event that can have a profound impact on children and family counseling can provide the neutral space they need to share their feelings and fears regarding the future.

Counseling for Kids During a Divorce

It is not uncommon for children to feel guilty and blame themselves for their parents’ divorce. They may also feel angry, depressed, or anxious about the situation. In family counseling, the bond you and your spouse have with the children can be reaffirmed and you can both assure them that, regardless of the state of your marriage, you both love them and they had nothing to do with the divorce.

Moreover, everyone, including your children, has different needs. A counselor can help identify your children’s unique needs and how best to help them cope with your divorce. In addition to lessening the impact your divorce may have on your children, a counselor can also help prepare them for the coming changes precipitated by your split. Learning how to cope with living in two separate households, for example, is often one of the biggest, most difficult obstacles for children.

Even if you are going through a relatively amicable divorce, it can still create a lot of uncertainty for your children. You do not necessarily have to go through a contentious legal battle to be in need of counseling. It can be helpful even under the best circumstances.

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