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Talking to Your Children About Divorce

Divorce can be a difficult topic to discuss with children, especially if they are very young and have a tough time grasping the idea of it. To break the news to them, you and your spouse should consider collaborating on this effort together, so you can offer them some reassurance that, regardless of the state of your marriage, you will always be there for them. Continue reading for some tips on how to approach this conversation.

Breaking the News to Your Kids

Before you sit down and have this talk with your kids, take some time to plan out some of what you would like to say to them and make sure you and your spouse are on the same page. Presenting a united front as parents will help them take in the information you give them and lessen some of their anxieties.

Here are some other tips that will help you approach this conversation:

  • Pick a good time: It is important to have this talk with your kids when they have enough time to process it and ask questions, so consider breaking the news to them before the start of a weekend, so they have a couple of days to mull it over. It would not be appropriate to tell them before dropping them off for school. It might be easier for you to make it quick, but it will only make it harder for them.
  • Do not blame each other for the divorce: Sure, deep down, you might blame your spouse for the divorce, but pointing fingers in front of your children will do them a major disservice. Instead, you and your spouse should agree to avoid placing the blame on anyone. You should also make sure your children understand they are not responsible for your split.
  • Tell your kids what they can expect to change: Since you are just beginning this process, you might not have all the answers as to what will change, but if you can offer some details, such as whether or not they will stay in the same neighborhood or go to the same school, offer them these details. The less uncertainty they have about the future, the better.
  • Reassure them as much as possible: You love your children and probably think that is obvious, but this is a major life-altering event and your kids will need some reassurances, so be sure to tell them that you love them and that, despite your divorce, you will both continue to be there for them and support them as parents.

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