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What You Need to Know About the Divorce Mediation Process

Not every divorce sees the inside of a courtroom. If you and your spouse are willing to work together to negotiate the terms of your divorce, mediation may be a better approach for you. During this process, an unbiased third-party mediator will help facilitate peaceful discussions between you and your spouse, keeping you on track, so you can ultimately achieve a mutually agreeable settlement.

How it Works

Unlike litigation, where each spouse hires an attorney, the mediation process only requires the assistance of an experienced mediator. Moreover, when you choose this approach, you and your spouse can make your own schedule, choosing when to meet for your mediation sessions, which generally last one to two hours. During the first meeting, your mediator will help identify the issues of your divorce, determining what information must be gathered and shared, such as financial data or expert opinions. In subsequent meetings, your negotiations will revolve around navigating a compromise on the key issues of your divorce until you ultimately achieve an agreement.

Here is how your divorce mediator will help:

  • Making sure you and your spouse have uninterrupted time to speak
  • Ask you and your spouse to explain and elaborate on certain points
  • Inform you and your spouse of the legal system
  • Describe how the issues in your divorce might be perceived by judges or lawyers
  • Identify other approaches and options for resolving issues
  • Refer you to experts for certain services, such as appraisals, when necessary

Since you and your spouse will create your own schedule, the mediation process is typically far less time-consuming than litigation, which can potentially last for several months or years. On average, most cases take between three to four two-hour mediation sessions.

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If you and your spouse are interested in ending your divorce through a more peaceful approach, you should consider divorce mediation. At Cynthia Tracy, Attorney at Law, P.C., our mediation team can provide the compassionate and skilled legal guidance you need to achieve a mutually agreeable settlement, so you can start a fresh new chapter in your life. Backed by more than three decades of experience, you can rely on us to ensure the best outcome for your divorce.

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