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Rebuilding Trust with Your Co-Parent

After a divorce, it can be difficult to raise children with your former spouse, especially if the process was particularly challenging. If you believe the trust between you and your spouse is broken, making it difficult to effectively co-parent, we compiled some tips for you to review that may help you rebuild it.

Making it Work with Your Ex-Spouse

Whether the issues that led to your divorce broke the trust you had with your spouse or the events that took place during the process shook the foundation of your co-parenting relationship, moving forward is difficult. Ultimately, rebuilding this trust will require consistency and commitment.

Here are some tips that may help you rebuild trust with your co-parent:

  • Make an effort to support your ex’s relationship with the children. Encourage your kids to respect your co-parent and be respectful of their bond. The support and confidence you show in your ex-spouse will help rebuild trust.
  • If you make plans with the children, keep your word. Showing that you are committed to your children is an essential element in rebuilding trust with your ex. If an emergency comes up, communicate it clearly to your former spouse. Being late or skipping out on time with them altogether will only further erode trust.
  • More than anything, it is crucial to be consistent in your behavior. If you are unpredictable, your co-parent may not believe you are reliable, making it impossible to rebuild trust. If you are easy to cooperate with one day and obstinate the next, this can leave your co-parent feeling anxious.
  • When you make a mistake, be willing to apologize to your co-parent. An honest and genuine apology can help foster trust and goodwill in your relationship.

Raising children after a divorce is challenging, but if both parties are willing to support each other, they may be able to repair their relationship as parents.

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