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Help Adopting a Child in Texas

If you are seeking to adopt a child, it is important to have a caring and knowledgeable lawyer in your corner. At the Houston law firm of Cynthia Tracy, Attorney at Law, P.C., we assist all sorts of individuals in successfully completing the adoption process. We can help you if you are a stepparent, foster parent or relative seeking to adopt.

If you have questions regarding the adoption process or the termination of parental rights, we will help you. Contact our Houston, Texas, law firm by email or call 281-823-8481 for a consultation.

Adopting a Foster Child

Our Texas adoption law firm looks forward to assisting clients with adoptions because we are able to witness everyone walk out of a courtroom smiling. From judges and attorneys to foster parents and children, everyone has a chance to walk away happy.

To properly adopt a child, parental rights of the biological parent must be terminated. This can be done either voluntarily or involuntarily, depending on the circumstances of your case. We can assist you in the termination of parental rights and help you through each step of the adoption process.

Put Experience on Your Side During Your Adoption

Attorney Cynthia Tracy has more than 30 years of legal experience in family law, including serving with the Texas Attorney General's Office and as an associate judge (referee). She has seen many adoptions and represented numerous clients through these types of cases.

If you need assistance with the Texas Department of Family Protective Services (formerly known as Child Protective Services), Ms. Tracy will be there for you and your foster child.

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For experienced and knowledgeable representation, contact our adoption firm for an initial consultation. We accept Visa and MasterCard. To contact us, call 281-823-8481.