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Is Alimony Always Awarded in a Divorce?

Alimony, also known as spousal maintenance, provides financial support for a lower income-earning spouse after a divorce. Spousal maintenance is not automatic in Texas and, even if ordered, the length of time it lasts is usually quite limited and dependent on a variety of factors. Continue reading to learn more about spousal maintenance and divorce.

How Courts Awards Spousal Maintenance

During a divorce, a judge may award spousal maintenance if the paying spouse was convicted for family violence within 2 years, prior to the date of the divorce petition filing, or if the marriage lasted for 10 years. If you are seeking spousal maintenance, you must prove that you do not have adequate resources to accommodate your basic needs. Moreover, if you are seeking future support, you will have to prove that obtaining or maintaining gainful employment is impossible due to a mental or physical disability.

If you have a child with a disability that prevents you from working, spousal maintenance may also be ordered under these circumstances.

Below are some additional factors a judge will examine before rendering a decision on spousal maintenance:

  • Financial resources of the spouse who is seeking support
  • Employment and educational skills of the spouse who is seeking support
  • Necessary training or education the supported spouse may need to find work
  • The length of the marriage
  • The age, earning ability, employment history, and overall wellbeing of the spouse who is seeking support
  • If the spouse who is seeking support is making an effort to find work

Additionally, spousal maintenance does not last forever. The time limits are based on the Family Code, which states that a support order will not be effective after 3 years, beginning on the date the divorce decree was signed. However, if the receiving spouse develops a disability, it is possible this time limit may be extended indefinitely.

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