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Can I Relocate with My Children?

In Texas, divorced parents generally receive joint managing conservatorship over their children unless family courts discover a history of neglect or domestic violence involving one or both parents. Custody decisions are based on several factors, including the needs of the children, each parent’s ability to support the other, and the abilities of both parents to provide for the children.

However, even after a child custody order is issued, it may still be modified later on down the road if there is a significant change in circumstances. In this situation, you can try to work out a new agreement with your former spouse or you can petition the court to relocate with your children.

Moving Away with Your Children

When a parent wishes to move out of state with their children, they must receive the court’s approval, even if both parents are able to agree on a new arrangement. Parents cannot simply pick up and leave when children are involved.

When you petition the court with your request to move with the children, you will need to provide compelling proof that the move will support the best interests of the children. Moreover, you will need to give the court a strong reason for the move, such as job relocation or a need to be closer to family who can provide care and support for the children.

If the court suspects that you are requesting a relocation to harm or otherwise interfere with the children’s relationship with their other parent, your request will be denied, and you will be unable to take the children with you.

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