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Can I Modify Child Support?

Life can change drastically in the years after a divorce. The child support order that was once appropriate for your family may no longer be reasonable for your current financial situation. Under these circumstances, you should consider modifying your child support order.

To do so, you may first wish to consult with your former spouse. If you can see eye-to-eye on the matter and agree on a modification to your existing order, this can save you some time, money, and frustration, but you will still need the court’s approval. However, if you cannot agree on a modification, you can still petition the court with your request.

Modifying Child Support After a Divorce

Either party, whether it be the receiving parent or the paying parent, can request a child support modification. However, you must prove that your circumstances changed substantially and involuntarily.

Here are some examples of situations in which you should ask for a modification:

  • You were fired or laid off from your job
  • You secured an additional or new job
  • You or your ex’s income substantially decreased or increased
  • Your child custody or visitation schedule changed
  • You developed a disability
  • The size of your family changed
  • You are sentenced to prison or jail

Additionally, you will need to show proof, such as income, expenses, child care expenses, or disability status, depending on the reason why you are seeking a child support modification.

If your former spouse lives in another state, your child support agency can request that the other state review and request a child support modification. Consult with an experienced attorney to ensure you avoid any preventable mistakes.

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