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What Are the Legal Requirements for Marriage in Texas?

The marital union of two people who wish to begin their own family is an exciting life event. If you are thinking about marrying your partner, you may be wondering about the legal steps you need to take.

Pre-Marital Requirements

Before a couple gets married, they must meet certain legal requirements. Although there is no requirement for either party to be a resident of Texas for any length of time, the couple must obtain a marriage license from a Texas county clerk.

Additionally, prior to filing for divorce, a couple must:

  • wait at least 72 hours after obtaining their license to marry (unless one or both parties are active duty military members);
  • pay a marriage license fee between $60 and $80 (unless the couple attends an optional premarital education course, in which case the fee is waived); and/or
  • wait at least 30 days after a previous divorce has been finalized (if applicable).

Marital Ceremony

To be legally married, a couple must have their ceremony officiated by one of the following people:

  • a licensed or ordained Christian priest or minister;
  • a Jewish rabbi;
  • an officer of a religious organization who is authorized to conduct a ceremony;
  • a justice of the court; or
  • a retired magistrate or judge of a Texas court.

Ceremony by Proxy

Sometimes a member of the couple may not be present at the ceremony, even though they wish to be. If this happens, the ceremony can still go on as planned if another person steps in to fill the role of the absent bride or groom. However, this process, a ceremony by proxy, can only take place if the absent party is a stationed overseas active member of the U.S. military.

Experienced Assistance in Pre-Marital Legality

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