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What Are the Types of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Divorce?

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is the process of resolving a dispute between two people. When it comes to divorce, an ADR can avoid a court dispute altogether by using other, more casual means of reaching an agreement.

Types of Alternative Dispute Resolution

The majority of divorces are resolved before ever reaching a court of law. For example, many couples choose to use some form of mediation to resolve their dissolution of marriage issues.

Forms of ADR include:

  1. Mediation: A mediator assists the couple to identify the dispute issues, consider alternatives, and reach an amicable agreement. A mediator does NOT give advice or opinions on any issues, nor do they decide the outcome of the mediation. They are strictly there to ensure each party has a chance to have their goals and desires heard and possibly made part of the divorce agreement.
  2. Conciliation: The role of conciliator is similar to a mediator except the conciliator can also give legal information, give expert advice on the possible options, or actively encourage the participants to reach an agreement. Conciliation could be ideal if a couple has tried mediation and still can’t come to an agreement.
  3. Arbitration: In arbitration, a couple will present their evidence and arguments to a third party who will then make a determination on the issue(s). An arbitration is more structured than the first two options because the end of the session is marked by a binding decision from the arbitrator.

Is an Alternative Dispute Resolution Right for You?

ADR proceedings are generally less adversarial than a traditional court proceeding. A couple (along with their attorneys) will attempt resolution in important decisions related to the divorce rather than having a judge or jury make the decisions for them. If you and your partner believe you can reach a peaceful decision without the forceful influence of a court, ADR may be for you.

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