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On the surface, divorce for members of the military may look like any other divorce. However, unique challenges and questions often arise. For instance:

  • How are child support and spousal support calculated when one parent is not paying taxes while deployed overseas?
  • What military benefits is your child entitled to?
  • How and when are military retirement benefits divided?
  • How can child custody and visitation arrangements be set and modified when one parent must move or is deployed?
  • How can you enforce your rights to your spouse's military and retirement benefits?

At the Houston, Texas, family and divorce law firm of Cynthia Tracy, Attorney at Law, P.C., we have handled numerous cases involving military personnel. If you are divorcing and serve in the military or are divorcing a member of the service, we can provide experienced and knowledgeable representation.

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Our attorneys understand that military service can bring unique problems and high stress for both the service member and his or her spouse. We provide an empathetic, compassionate environment to discuss your problems. For more information on military divorce, contact our firm for a no-charge discussion of your case.

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