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Increasingly, Texas courts require that parties attempt dispute resolution through mediation before trial. Family law courts take this trend one step further — if divorcing couples are unable to resolve their differences, they must make a good-faith attempt at mediation prior to trial.

While this requirement may feel like an imposition, it most often works in couples' favor, because mediation:

  • Allows for greater participation and input on the part of the divorcing spouses
  • Allows participants to decline options
  • Often costs less than litigation
  • Allows for greater privacy because most mediation records don't enter the public record

Are you considering filing for divorce or have you been served with divorce papers? Because mediation is required, it is important that the divorce lawyer you choose be skilled and experienced in all aspects of the mediation process. At the Houston, Texas, law firm of Cynthia Tracy, Attorney at Law, P.C., firm founder and lead attorney Cynthia Tracy is highly effective at advocating for clients' rights in mediation. Why? Ms. Tracy has experience in numerous roles of family law dispute resolution. Ms. Tracy has:

  • Been through her own divorce mediation when ending her marriage
  • Served as an associate judge (referee) for three years
  • Created and implemented a mediation program for the court system when she served as an associate judge

  • Trained numerous individuals to serve as mediators in the court's program

Our lawyers provide experienced and effective advocacy throughout the mediation process and have achieved highly satisfactory results. For more information regarding our mediation services and experience, contact our firm for a no-charge discussion.

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