Houston High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer

Over 30 Years of Experience Handling Matters of Divorce and Asset Protection

When your divorce involves a high net worth estate, who can provide experienced and knowledgeable counsel regarding high-value accounts, assets and real property?

At the Houston, Texas, family and divorce law firm of Cynthia Tracy, Attorney at Law, P.C., we are familiar with and skilled at handling challenges unique to high net worth divorce. We are adept at handling every aspect of a divorce involving substantial assets, including:

  • Business valuations
  • High-value assets, including investment and retirement accounts
  • The valuation of boats, vacation homes, planes, summer houses, classic autos, jewelry and timeshares

If you selected this firm as your advocate, you combine our years of divorce and marital property division legal experience with input from a range of experts, including:

  • Business evaluators
  • Financial consultants
  • Forensic accountants

Skilled at Resolving Specific and Unusual Challenges

In addition to valuating and dividing your property, we can address complex legal issues. For instance:

  • Is your self-employed spouse claiming poverty? We can work to trace business activities and demonstrate considerable income and business assets.
  • Has your spouse hidden marital property? We can work to trace domestic and international holdings.
  • Are you concerned that your business or private practice will not survive a costly property division process? We can work to safeguard your assets and your business.

For more information on our firm and how we can help you in your high net worth divorce case, contact us for a no-charge discussion of your case.

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