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Legal issues involving child support often turn otherwise amicable divorces into heated battles. Why? Anxiety. The custodial parent faces new worries regarding meeting the material needs of minor children, while the noncustodial parent worries about paying increased cost-of-living expenses while meeting child support obligations.

At the Houston law firm of Cynthia Tracy, Attorney at Law, P.C., firm attorney and founder Cynthia Tracy knows firsthand how child support and child custody issues can impact divorce proceedings. She has been through her own child support court battle and has subsequently represented many clients on both sides of child support issues. Contact her for a consultation today.

We Include Your Unique Considerations When Preparing Your Case

We understand that there are dozens of important considerations to accommodate when planning your child custody and visitation periods. Perhaps you're in a support group with a set schedule. Perhaps grandparents' rights or school considerations are important.

Most important are the interests of your child. We will help you balance new Texas laws and legal trends with your goals. We will then work to accomplish those goals throughout the custody and visitation process. For instance:

  • Do you work for an oil company? We can draft a custody or visitation agreement that accommodates your offshore, field and at-home time.
  • Do your job hours vary? We can draft enforceable agreements accommodating fluctuating work times, including staggered days off and 12- and 24-hour workdays for industries allowing out-of-the-ordinary hours.
  • Are you considering moving or are you in the military? We can consider your relocation and deployment plans when creating your custody or visitation agreement.

We Represent You in Your Legal Dispute to Obtain YOUR Goals

Texas law provides a guideline for your child support obligation, but there are often other considerations. For instance, issues relating to health insurance, day care and extracurricular activities can affect payment levels. Our attorney team can help you achieve your child support goals, including:

  • Fighting for or against wage garnishment
  • Modifying an existing child support arrangement

Office of the Attorney General Cases

Do you have a case with the Office of the Attorney General? If you are frustrated, what better person to hire than someone who worked there for 10 years and knows the ins and outs of the system?

Enforcement of child support orders is also crucial to many clients. We provide experienced child support enforcement services for custodial parents as well as effective representation for noncustodial parents who have fallen behind in their child support payments. By continually working for the child's best interests, we try to achieve a child support resolution that is best for everyone.

High-Earner Child Support

Child support guidelines in Texas apply to incomes of $7,500 per month or less. Therefore, judges have additional discretion in determining child support levels for higher earners.

We have handled cases ranging from custodial parents living in poverty to cases involving costs for private schools, high medical expenses and expenses for children with special needs. For more information on our full child support law legal services, contact our firm for a no-charge discussion of your case.

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