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In Texas, the family law courts understand that people's lives can change following the creation of a child custody, child support or spousal support settlement. Living expenses can increase, parents can lose jobs, and children's needs and parents' schedules can change. These changes may necessitate a change in visitation arrangements or child support.

At the Houston, Texas, family and divorce law firm of Cynthia Tracy, Attorney at Law, P.C., we can work to change a broad range of agreements following your divorce. For instance:

  • Has your income changed? We work with both parties to match support payments to new income levels.
  • Does your child need additional support because of increases in the cost of living, education expenses or health insurance? We can work to have child support payments increased to fully meet the needs of minor children.
  • Are you relocating? Often, our clients need to relocate due to job and military transfers, the need to be closer to family support, or education-related issues.
  • Has your schedule or your child's schedule changed? Visitation arrangements can often be modified to accommodate changing and evolving lives.
  • Do you have a case with the Office of the Attorney General? If you are frustrated, what better person to hire than someone who worked there for 10 years and knows the ins and outs of the system?

In addition, we can work to modify the terms of your parenting plan and, if necessary, work to terminate parental rights.

Skilled in Achieving the Modifications You Need

Cynthia Tracy and our entire lawyer team have substantial experience in the areas of child custody, child support and spousal support. We have earned a reputation throughout the Houston and Gulf Coast region for providing compassionate and responsive legal representation based on meeting your needs. For more information on the complex area of post-judgment modifications, contact our firm for a no-charge discussion of your case.

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